About Us


We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in management and business administration at your service.

Our local know-how allows us to provide business solutions successfully and quick return. With the vast experience and working methods, the results are evident in the short-term, motivating and raising quality in the management of your company and its environment.

Our independence guarantees impartiality, objectivity and external vision, key factors in our work.

We are committed to understanding and solving the problem, always respecting the idiosyncrasy of the firm, on team work and create a synergistic and solver.

Ensuring confidentiality. All our services are completely confidential under guaranteed contract. Be quiet, Mansol SBC does not provide any customer information to third parties.

Our experience in Human Resources and People Management, ensuring a high adaptability to the culture and working environment, a friendly and professional, teamwork and integration.

We have very clear that the employer need not flattering, you need solutions and results. We can help. Whatever the business problem, our professionals offer the best solution are inserted directly into the key issues of the problem, diagnosing, scoring goals and results.