TRAM GROUP, outsources its Consulting division and Management Control to Mansol-SBC. TRAM GROUP is a consolidated group in the Plaza de Girona, with over 10 years in the industry are formed by administrative TRAM and TRAM immobles.

J.R. - GINESTA, outsources the management control to Mansol-SBC. J.R. - Performs GINESTA forest, slope stabilization and protection systems antidesprendimientos be leaders in their sector.

MANTIS44, outsources the economic and strategic consulting services Mansol-SBC. MANTIS 44, is a company specialized in providing IT solutions for high level professionals, with research and development departments of their own, providing a very high value added in all your projects both as a Strategic Technology. Mantis 44 has a slogan: Have an idea? Let be a reality!

MPASS Esthetic & Relax Therapy, outsources its Business Plan develpment and its economic and financial planificaction to Mansol-SBC. MPASS Esthetic & Relax Therapy distributes to the professional market estetic products and high added value relax therapies with their hardware.