The consultancy service is focused MSBC SMEs or for those who want to self-improve the quality of its management company with services and part-time outside of a Head of Administration, Chief Financial Officer or Assistant Manager at a cost but much lower than the mean direct recruitment.

MSBC with a fixed and adapted to the size of your company can benefit from, both to improve the quality of its management company with specialized professionals, to meet new challenges or specific moments of your business.


Our professionals have experience in crisis management of the company in restructuring in adverse situations, as in bankruptcy administration, business re-float. Whatever time it is, MSBC analyze the situation of the company to provide a comprehensive management plan for the future.

Is your company at a time of pre-crisis? Do not expect to have that one! MSBC analyze, diagnosed the corrective measures, will line the areas of your company with the aim of strengthening your business or company.

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